Why Us?

The unique advantages of directly outsourcing a project to Language Jem
as an external independent freelance consultancy:


You can trust us to deliver on time – every time, within budget and with excellence

We really value our clients and you’ll never be just a number

You’re Important to Us

Focused on building business relationships whether it’s a one-off project or a long-term collaboration

Friendly & Professional Approach

A single dedicated resource increases consistency and continuity

Personal Focus on Your Project

Added value on timelines, production and delivery

Flexible, Agile & Responsive

Better, faster and more efficient communication and workflows

Direct Contact

Tailored, bespoke and individually-crafted services

Hands On

Exceptional work delivered in highly-specialised and innovative areas leveraging unique skills and experience

Indispensable Expertise

Able to get up to speed with your internal processes and procedures quickly to make an immediate impact for your business

We Hit the Ground Running

Most agencies use freelancers to do the work anyway, so cut out the middleman
No agency fees to pay | Lower freelance overheads are reflected in fair and reasonable freelance rates

Great Value for Money

Part of a wide network of other greatly talented freelance language professionals to cover all resource requirements