Terminology Management

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Focus on the Words that Matter

Managed terminology is looking after the words that are most important to your business and keeping them consistent to give your company a united voice, strengthen your brand and give a great user experience to your customers.

Managed terminology can help increase productivity for both copywriting and translation teams by reducing conflicting duplicate terms and can also help lower the costs of content creation and translation by increasing TM matches.

From term creation and harvesting through to making glossaries and term databases, we can support every aspect of the terminology management lifecycle with Language Jem's terminology management services.

It is equally important to manage source terminology even if you don't need translation. So this service is also available for English-only (mono-lingual) content.

You can outsource your terminology management projects to us, or we can come in and help you get set up and trained up to run your own terminology initiatives in-house.

Managed Terminology Services

Glossary Creation

Term Tool Setup & Maintenance

Terminology Life Cycle Management: Term Creation, Harvesting, Extraction, Audit

Jargon Busting

Terminology Research & User Testing

Term Hierarchies

Corpus Linguistics & NLP

Terminology Workflow Process Design

Acrolinx Administration

SDL MultiTerm

Terminology Business Case Support

Terminology Tools Training & Skill Workshops

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Learn about the importance of terminology in translation and/or copywriting teams to produce consistent, unambiguous content that supports your brand's identity and builds customer engagement. Can be fully tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.

Fun, practical and tailored workshops which demonstrate the need and benefits of managing terminology using real content examples from your company. A series of interactive and collaborative exercises which build into a friendly team competition. Light-bulb moments guaranteed!