Term Topics
March 2018

A Mini Multilingual Collection of Terminology and Vocabulary by Theme*


Term Topic #13

Week beginning 26 March 2018 (Good Friday 31.03.2018, Easter Sunday 01.04.2018)
Spring is here in the northern hemisphere and it’s time to celebrate new life and new beginnings. Happy Easter everybody!












EN: spring
CS: jaro
CY: gwanwyn
FR: printemps
RU: весна

EN: flowers
CS: květiny
CY: blodau
FR: fleurs
RU: цветы

EN: chocolate
CS: čokoláda
CY: siocled
FR: chocolat
RU: шоколад


EN: lamb
CS: beránek
CY: oen
FR: agneau
RU: ягнёнок

EN: chick
CS: kuřátko
CY: cyw bach
FR: poussin
RU: цыплёнок

EN: bunny rabbit
CS: králíček
CY: cwningen
FR: lapin
RU: кролик


EN: The Easter Bunny
CS: velikonoční zajíc
CY: Cwningen Pasg
FR: lapin de Pâques
RU: Пасха́льный за́яц

EN: basket
CS: košík
CY: basged
FR: panier
RU: корзина

EN: egg
CS: vajíčko
CY: ŵy
FR: œuf
RU: яйцо



Term Topic #12

Week beginning 19 March 2018 (French Language Day 20.03.2018)

French was the first foreign language that I learnt back in primary school, and good thing too as it comes in very handy on holiday.
29 countries have it as their official spoken language. And it’s estimated that over 220 million people speak French worldwide. Vive les francophones!









французский язык



EN: France
CS: France
CY: Ffrainc
FR: France
RU: Франция

EN: Francophone
CS: francouzsky mluvící
CY: siaradwyr Ffrangeg
FR: francophone
RU: франкофон

EN: romance language
CS: románský jazyk
CY: Iaith Romawns
FR: langue romane
RU: романский язык


EN: Gallic
CS: galský
CY: galig
FR: gaulois/ français
RU: галльский/французский

EN: cedilla
CS: háček pod c
CY: sedila
FR: cédille
RU: седиль

EN: acute accent
CS: akut
CY: acen ddyrchafedig
FR: accent aigu
RU: акутовый акцент


EN: circumflex
CS: cirkumflex
CY: to bach
FR: accent circonflexe
RU: облечённое ударение

EN: grave accent
CS: gravis
CY: acen ddisgynedig
FR: accent grave
RU: тяжелое ударение

EN: diaeresis/umlaut
CS: přehláska
CY: didolnod
FR: accent tréma
RU: умляут



Term Topic #11

Week beginning 12 March 2018 (British Science Week 09-18.03.2018)

Who says you can’t be a linguist and a scientist? In fact, it’s essential for me as one of my specialisms for translation is Life Sciences.
This week we’re celebrating science, technology, engineering and maths as part of British Science Week, featuring entertaining and engaging events and activities across the UK for people of all ages.
Vist their website to find out what’s on near you, download an activity pack, or be an athlete and a scientist and do the virtual 10k Run to the Deep.













EN: biology
CS: biologie
CY: bioleg
FR: biologie
RU: биология

EN: chemistry
CS: chemie
CY: cemeg
FR: chimie
RU: химия

EN: physics
CS: fyzika
CY: ffiseg
FR: physique
RU: физика


EN: maths
CS: matematika
CY: mathemateg
FR: mathématiques
RU: математика

EN: engineering
CS: inženýrství
CY: peirianneg
FR: ingénierie
RU: инженерная техника

EN: technology
CS: technologie
CY: technoleg
FR: technologie
RU: технологические науки


EN: scientist
CS: vědec
CY: gwyddon
FR: scientifique
RU: учёный

EN: laboratory
CS: laboratoř
CY: labordy
FR: laboratoire
RU: лаборатория

EN: to research
CS: zkoumat
CY: ymchwilio
FR: faire des recherches
RU: исследовать



Term Topic #10

Week beginning 5 March 2018 (International Women's Day 08.03.2018)

My first experience of International Women’s Day was back in 2002 when I lived in Moscow. I was given flowers by random men on the street and around campus. Nowadays, it’s more common to celebrate this day in the UK too. 

Our term topic this week focuses on words needed to stand up for gender equality. If you are one of billions who believe that everyone is born free and equal, then one way you can take action against gender bias, discrimination and violence is through HeForShe. I am # 1837395.

Международный женский день


Mezinárodní den žen


Diwrnod Rhyngwladol y Merched


International Women’s Day


Journée internationale des femmes


Suffragette Rosette.png

EN: equality
CS: rovnoprávnost
CY: cydraddoldeb
FR: égalité
RU: равноправие

EN: to respect
CS: respektovat
CY: parchu
FR: respecter
RU: уважать

EN: freedom
CS: svoboda
CY: rhyddid
FR: liberté
RU: свобода


EN: diversity
CS: diverzita
CY: amrywiaeth
FR: diversité
RU: разнообразие

EN: right
CS: právo
CY: hawl
FR: droit
RU: право

EN: identity
CS: totožnost
CY: unfathiant
FR: identité
RU: личность


EN: to empower
CS: zplnomocnit
CY: galluogi
FR: responsabiliser
RU: уполномочить

EN: fair
CS: spravedlivý
CY: teg
FR: juste
RU: справедливый

EN: inclusive
CS: inkluzivní
CY: cynhwysol
FR: non exclusif
RU: включающий



EN = English (UK, unless otherwise noted); CS = Czech; CY = Welsh (South Wales); FR = French (France); RU = Russian (Russia)

* Please note that these term topics are provided for fun, and Language JEM is not liable for any damages resulting from any errors therein. If you require an official or formal translation or terminology project/glossary, then please get in touch.