Native English speaker based in the UK, with a first class honours degree in Russian and Czech State Language Certification. Translation from Czech and Russian into English (US, UK, AU) in various specialised fields.
Over 11 years’ experience in the industry working for agencies, government sector, private clients and the public customers. Find out more here.

Russian into English Translation | Czech into English Translation | Specialised Translation | Vendor Language Lead | Transcreation  | Machine Translation Post-editing | Backtranslation | Proofreading | Linguistic Review | EN Source Review | Monolingual Review


Production and perfection of any type of content for your business which is compelling, actionable and impactful to enable sales and engage customers with a fantastic user experience.

Copywriting | Copy Editing | Brand Voice & Tone | Marketing | Advertising | Social Media | Print | Help Content | Sales | CRM | Technical | Product | Digital | SEO | Content Strategy & Optimisation


Localisation Content Manager: Websites, Mobile Apps, Games, Software, Emails | Adaptation/Factualisation | Globalisation (G11n) | Internationalisation (I18n)  |  Personalisation | Agile, Scrum & Kanban | Workflow Design | eCommerce
Linguistic QA & Bug Handling | UI Elements | HTML, XML | User Testing & CDI 


Glossary Creation | Term Tool Setup & Maintenance | Terminology Life Cycle Management: Term Creation, Harvesting, Extraction, Audit |  Jargon Busting | Terminology Research & User Testing | Term Hierarchies | Corpus Linguistics & NLP | Terminology Workflow Process Design | Terminology Management Training


Copy Editing | Proofreading | Review | Global English Variants | International English | Plain English | Content Abstraction & Summarisation | Pre-print Checks & Text Control | Copy Typing | Audio & Video Transcription


Boost the efficiency of your content teams by leveraging latest in translation and content technology, which helps you work smarter, and deliver high-quality content to your customers.

Tool Setup, Optimisation & Maintenance  
CAT Tools | Translation Memories | Machine Translation | Term Databases | Authoring Tools | CMS |  Corpus Linguistics & NLP | Content Quality Tools (Acrolinx) 


Skills Workshops & Tools Training
Expert online (remote) and in-person training on translation, language and content tools, skills and workflows.
Fully tailored to the needs of your business and audience abilities.


TEFL qualified English-language tuition online (remote) or in-person.
English language conversation practice and help with written English work.
Help with English grammar and spelling for native speakers.
Basic Czech and Russian for those who want their first taste of these great languages, perhaps for a trip or holiday.