Localisation, L10n

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Localisation Content Manager

Creation of clear, concise, and audience-targeted content for website, mobile apps, games and software.

Creation of technical content for user guides, developer pages and SDKs.

Experienced working on the localisation of UI elements with limited character counts and spacing.

Experienced with web technologies, CMS, machine translation, and localisation platforms.
Collaboration with Project & Program Managers, Product Mangers, Developers, Engineers, UI Designers, UX Designers, and QA teams to ensure best possible quality of localised assets.

Linguistic QA (LQA), Bug Handling & Quality Governance

Monitoring localisation quality and working with business stakeholders and external vendors to improve content through constructive feedback and support. Jira, Bugzilla, Metrics Reporting


User Testing & Customer Driven Innovation (CDI)

Creation of user testing scripts, especially for terminology and glyph naming.

Working with the target audience and existing customers to help guide and define the product user-experience.

Localisation Workflow Design & Best Practice

Defining requirements for localization tools, infrastructure and processes.

Experienced in agile, scrum and Kanban (Trello). Knowledgeable in globalisation and personalisation strategies.


Localisation Platforms & Tools

Idiom WorldServer, SDL Trados Studio

Web Technologies



International English

International English uses a standard set of spelling and vocabulary (picking a US/UK basis), and avoids culturally-specific references, obscure idioms, and overly complex sentence structures. It is by no means a dumbed down version of English, but more a universal and consistent way for an international brand speak to the world. Find out more here.

Normalisation of Global English Variants

Conversion of spellings, local vocabulary and idiom from US English, Canadian English, Singapore English, Hong Kong English and Australian English into UK/British English, and vice versa. Find out more here.