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Language JEM Works Wonders With Words

independent translation and content consultancy

We believe in the power of language and effective communication to drive business excellence and foster mutual understanding.

By placing a strong focus on clarity, consistency and accuracy, we deliver a great customer experience through high-quality English content in all of its glorious forms.

We offer various language and content services to help people reach both global and local audiences, from translation, transcreation and terminology management, through to copywriting, copy editing and proofreading. We also offer expert language tuition, brand tone of voice workshops and training on language technology tools.

Jemma is incredibly reliable
— Nick Gibbins, CRM Marketing at Experian

"Jemma is incredibly reliable, she understands and takes complicated/detailed subjects and simplifies them through her copywriting skills. Jemma, she has built a strong relationship with us as a client because of her reliability, high standard of work and fast pace execution on all projects."

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